The Magdalene Legacy Tarot - Lost Keys of the Madonna
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The Magdalene Legacy Tarot: Lost Keys of the Madonna deck and book set is available in its first printing of signed & numbered collectors' editions! After this initial run of 500 are sold, the deck will be mass produced by a well-known Tarot publishing company. Orders are being processed now!! Please learn about the deck set by clicking the Magdalene Legacy Tarot link to your right. You may order a set by clicking on the Order link for more information! We do so appreciate everyone's support!

Read the excellent and very detailed review of The Magdalene Legacy Tarot: Lost Keys of the Madonna by Tarot expert and author Christine Payne-Towler (, Tarot University, The Underground Stream: Esoteric Tarot Revealed) here:

An Amazon Review:

"I don't know which part of this purchase is the bonus. The cards are quite beautiful but the history and symbols behind the deck is the icing on the cake. I love the vivid colors and the artistic flair. You won't find these in any novelty shop. This is true art. I have not yet decided whether I will make a knockout collage out of them or learn to do readings with the informative book. One thing I will do is encourage anyone who has these to keep them out of the box. There are many hidden truths in this world-it's time for them to see the light of a new age. Uncovering these magnificent pieces of art which I shrink fro m calling 'card' is a step in the right direction. The fact that these are a collectors item should lead the way for others to want a set for themselves. A dynamic offering from both the writer and the artist."

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About the Creator/Author and the Illustrator of
The Magdalene Legacy Tarot 
Casey Jones DuHamel
Ms. DuHamel presently resides in the regions of the rural upper Midwest, USA, where out of necessity, she is an avid member of the Tarot internet community. A former denizen of many a metropolitan area (NYC, Tampa, LA, Phoenix), Ms. DuHamel accepts her fate there in the wilds of southeastern South Dakota, acknowledging that is exactly where the Universe wants her to be. Casey has accepted Godde's plan willingly and joyfully (well, sort of...sushi bars are a rare commodity in them thar parts). Ms. DuHamel is a former member of both The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and Builders of the Adytum and presently belongs to the Tarot Association of the British Isles and The American Tarot Association for whom she writes deck/book reviews and various articles for its official publication The ATA Quarterly Journal. This author and Tarot deck creator is a current member of the Templar sorority The Daughters of Tsion as well as the Order of Mary the Magdala, and the Rosicrucian Order. When the urge to attend Sunday-go-to-meetin' motivates Ms. DuHamel in a more mainstream capacity, Casey is a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church and Unity Church.
As creator of The Magdalene Legacy Tarot: Lost Keys of the Madonna, Casey considers herself an eclectic character with the emphasis on character. A former professional comedian with sixteen years of stand-up under her funny bone, she has a degree in television and radio operations/production with minors in electronic journalism and theater, however her passions have always been the mysteries that are Tarot, the Holy Grail, Christian Gnosticism, Judaic mysticism, secret societies, and the investigation of heretical heritage. 
Her family tree includes a historically long line of American Freemasons, beginning with the first lodges in colonial Massachusetts. Because of this, she has a voracious appetite for all things Masonic and Templar and their alternative history including the Temple Knights’ involvement in mystical Christianity. To help facilitate this ardor, Ms. DuHamel trekked several "Grail quests" throughout gothic Scotland, Wales, and England. There she explored and photographed ancient cryptic architecture attributed to the Masons and Templars and met up with many well-known authors and "aficionados" of the genre. In order to relieve the pressures brought on by intense investigation, Ms. DuHamel also executed a highly in-depth study of British pubs, the intricacies of their libations, and the effects brought on by ingestion. More adventures are planned for future travels to various Grail locations throughout Europe, and, hopefully, Israel. Casey travelled to Rennes-le-Chateau, France (a dream realized) this March 2014. She is now working on her second deck, The Illuminati Tarot: Keys of Secret Societies, lavishly illustrated by Bob Greyvenstein of South Africa and to be published by Schiffer Books.
“Christianity: surely, Judaism is its father and paganism is its mother. There’s the makings of a great joke in there somewhere...”
 C. J. DuHamel
Deborah L. Shutek-Jackson
With a B.S. in Education from the University of Akron, Ms. Shutek-Jackson was actively pursuing a career in children’s illustration when, several years ago, she chanced to meet Casey DuHamel through a shared interest in a Yahoo forum hosted by New York Times best selling author, Kathleen McGowan (the Magdalene-line trilogy). The ancient art of Tarot seemed far removed from these aspirations, although during her post undergraduate studies in Visual Communication Design at Kent State University, she had become fascinated by the use of symbolism as a primal form of communication in the fields of art and design. Tarot became a challenging medium for Deborah and her artistic talents as well as a venue for pursuing her own personal research into this ancient depth of conveyance. Ms. Shutek-Jackson soon found a mentor in the personage of fellow children’s illustrator Pamela Coleman-Smith who, as most Tarot aficionados know historically, went on to illustrate the profoundly influential Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck (Rider Company, Britain 1910).
Ms. Shutek-Jackson is currently a board member of the Northern Ohio Region of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and a member of the Northern Ohio Illustrators Society.
She is a lifelong resident of Ohio, US where she lives with her husband of 34 years, and is the mother of two grown daughters and the proud grandmother of three grandchildren.