The Magdalene Legacy Tarot - DYNASTIC CONNECTIONS
The Magdalene Legacy Tarot - Lost Keys of the Madonna
Casey Jones DuHamel
Casey Jones DuHamel comes from a historically long line of American Freemasons, beginning with the first lodges in colonial Massachusetts. Casey is of Italian, Scottish, and French descent on her mother's side and her father's side of the family is heavily British with marriages into French nobility and royalty prior to the 1500's. Historically speaking, the paternal side of her immediate family extends back to the original English settlers from Britain during the earliest emmigrations to Plymouth and Salem, Massachusetts, including direct lineage to two original Mayflower passengers, Degory Priest and Richard Warren.
Casey's family heritage can be traced back to the mystical Merovingians and the Fisher Kings by way of several significant dynastic houses, beginning in the 1500's and back into time.
French: Anjou/Capet/Valois, Saint-Clair English: Plantagenet, Tudor, Spencer, DeVere Scottish: Stewart, Bruce, St.Clair/Sinclair Welsh: Llewellyn, Pendragon. 
If one takes into account the mythical Grail lineage of Pharamond, yet another branch leads to Titurel, the Grail King. Casey will boast with a nod and a wink that Chaucer is one her great-grandies, however she regrets being unable to pen even the simplest of verses ("Does nothing rhyme with 'orange'?!"). And lurking there in Casey's far Irish past is the first woman to be accused and condemned of witchcraft and heresy in Ireland (possibly all of Europe): the wealthy heiress and banking magnate Dame Alice Kyteler, the Sorceress of Kilkenny.
Casey's father Thomas (also a Freemason), R.I.P., was the oldest Grail heretic she has ever known. Over six feet tall  and strawberry-blonde, Thomas passed away in New Milford, Connecticut at the age of 91 in 2009. Casey can say, with all sincerity, the Grail Heresy is in her blood.
May God bless...
May Buddha bestow...
May Aakash anoint...
May Jehovah rejoice...
and may the Goddess keep all these Guys in line!
- Casey Jones DuHamel