The Magdalene Legacy Tarot - Lost Keys of the Madonna
"I read and teach tarot and have for over 20 years. In this regard, this deck has stretched my imagination and piqued my interest beyond anything I have experienced regarding the intricacies in years. The historical information as well as the deep connection to the energy and story of the Magdalene are rich and thorough. The booklet included with this deck is nothing but intense and a definite bonus that I feel blessed to now own.
I have been in search for many years for a Magdalene Tarot deck and have found there have been none to be found ... until now! Mary Magdalene has been depicted in many decks but, there has been nothing out there regarding her and the energy that flowed with her and Jeshua when on our earth. I channel the energy of Mary Magdalene and have been on the waiting list for this deck for some time. My receipt of the deck has helped bring me to a different level of awareness and connection. The Tarot cards are rich with clever little clues and messages that are not seen in traditional decks. I find this fascinating and compelling. Much of The Magdalene's life has always been hidden within clues and messages and this brings the intrigue to the surface.
I feel this deck will help all who work with the energy of these cards to expand to a deeper awareness and understanding of Tarot and what The Magdalene's message is for us all ... to learn to find again The Path of The Way back to the Light of the Creator God. I feel blessed beyond measure that I am in possession of this well researched Tarot deck." Tami A. Harms  Tarot Professional

"I was impressed by the presentation of the certificate ... it comes in a bright red envelope, which so reminded me of the envelopes that my Asian friends use to gift money in. Very classy! The box and the companion book show a clean white background, with an entwined red rose and white lily. This speaks tons as to what this deck is all about, and what you will find in the companion book!
Unique to this deck, the Court cards represent specific royal Grail families. The Court card dynasties are Cups (Merovingian), Disks (House of Medici), Staffs (Clan Sincair), and Quills (the House of Windsor).
I have always been impressed with Margaret Starbird's work (including "Woman With the Alabaster Jar: Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail"), which is part of the foundation for this deck. Which also means that I am a bit in awe of these cards!
Fair warning ... the print in the companion book is uber small! Having said that, I can read it with my glasses ... no need for a magnifying glass. DuHamel discusses the background of the deck, the journey that brought her this far, the Gnostic Gospels, and much, much more.
The small things are what attracts me, what help me in learning a new deck. DuHamel has included such niceties as charts giving the associations for the Continental, Victorian, MLT, and Modern Poker decks (including the element); the element, direction, inherent attribute, ethereal attribute, humor, quality, and season; the attributes in the Four Worlds of the Tree of Life (Worlds, Tetragamaton, Elements, Senses, Astrology, Human Qualities, Tarot Suits, and Sacred Geometry.
I am enchanted with the colors and the imagery of this deck, as well as the focus on Mary Magdalene, the Sacred Feminine, and the Grail myth. This is an exciting deck to work with! There are many nuances throughout this deck. One of these nuances is that of the World. Traditionally numbered XXI, the World is numbered XXII in this deck. Why? According to DuHamel, one reason is that the Magdalene's feast day is July 22nd! Another reason is that the total amount of stairs to reach the top of the Magdalene Tower at Rennes-le-Chateau is 22! Lots to think about here!"
Bonnie Cehovet Tarot blogger, reviewer, and author Tarot, Rituals, & You: The Power of Tarot Combined With the Power of Rituals, Tarot, Birth Cards, and You: Keys to Empowering Yourself, Tarot in Review
"Great site, deck is looking beautiful, I love the use of the Picard minors...I also am impressed with the different suit families and the way you have linked up the history with the suit symbols...You have done a very creative thing here; it is a fascinating synthesis you have made. I have done a few spreads for myself and the cards are definitely speaking. The interpretations and key words were quite apt. Overall I think they are well-done and evocative. I like their size and substance. Excellent!  Bravo, this should go forth like manna to the hungry!" Christine Payne-Towler, Tarot, author The Underground Stream: Esoteric Tarot Revealed, author/creator The Tarot of the Holy Light

"I'm often drawn to decks with vibrant colors, so no surprise that  The Magdalene Legacy Tarot draws my attention. But what this deck offers that many don't is hidden symbolism woven into the vibrant images that seem to give us a window into a frozen time and space that helps us see deeper wisdom that goes beyond the obvious secrets."  Chanel Bayless, author Simply Deep Tarot and King's Journey Tarot.
"The Magdalene Legacy Tarot is beautiful. This deck will be a wonderful addition to the art and symbolism of the tarot."
Lisa Tenzin-Dolma, author/creator/artist The Glastonbury Tarot
"The Magdalene Legacy Tarot is a beautifully illustrated deck accompanied by a well researched narrative that bestows meaning on every card."Dr. Mark Baron, Ph.D.  author Performance Based Education
"I've seen and used many tarot decks in my day and I have to say...what a truly stunning deck!"Madria Pamela Lanides, Goddess Christians Forum
"Great! I need a new deck and these cards look absolutely amazing! Great job =] Blessed Be"
Phoenixlight, Christian Wiccan Forum